Vendor FAQ

Vendors FAQ

What is Dealme.xyz?

  • Dealme.xyz is a Community Marketplace aimed to serve the community business owners and the consumers of Bangladesh.

Can I become a Seller/Vendor at Dealme?

  • If you are a local business owner or entrepreneur, you can become a seller or vendor at Dealme. Even if you have your own online shop, brick & mortar shop or Social Media pages, you can start your business on this platform.

How to sell on Dealme?

  • To sell your products through Dealme, you have to Signup as a vendor by choosing the option “Create Your Store” and then you have to update your products. The moment you start your store, your account will be queued for verification. But you can continue selling from that time. After verification, your geolocation will be available to users and your products will be available on Dealme Marketplace.

How to verify my store at Dealme?

  • Dealme concerned team will communicate with you after you sign up for verification. The process is simple and takes very little time. In addition, you can communicate with Dealme via email for verification. Write to us at info@dealme.xyz

Does Dealme charge for selling at the marketplace?

  • Dealme takes certain charges from the seller. It depends on the business type and mode of operation. By signing up as a seller, you agree to the Non-disclosure agreement between you and Dealme. If you still have any confusion regarding this, you are advised to write to us at support@dealme.xyz

Can I negotiate the commission with Dealme?

  • Dealme commission is based on your business type and category. So negotiation is not possible.

What benefits do I get from Dealme for selling here?

  • As a community marketplace, Dealme focuses on community-based selling and reselling of goods. If you have your own products, you can promote your store to Dealme community and build a strong relationship with your local customer base online. Moreover, if you do not own any products, you can become a reseller at Dealme by contracting with any of the sellers and promote to your community. Dealme offers hassle-free and seller-friendly online selling and advanced technology which will help you keeping track of your revenue without allocating any resources.

How would Dealme promote my store in the marketplace?

  • Dealme is equiped with review and experience-based technology. Dealme engages with the customer and seeks their review and asks them to rate their experience. The average rating updates in real-time on each store profile which is the top benchmark for all Dealme sellers. Moreover, Dealme enables geolocation searching which ensures that customers will get their nearby stores first while searching for your product category.
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